Kamea, Eco Author/Integrated Health Coach, Santa Monica

"If I were stuck on an island and could only pick 1 skincare product to have with me...it would be [Ellume Naturals'] Serum...

But ok for real - it's the one bottle I toss in my purse to use wherever and whenever because it's SO muti-functional. And knowing this was handcrafted to order by E, the crafter and environmental educator behind @ellume.life herself? Well that just makes me feel enriched from within... which helps me glow from within.  For your travels this spring/summer, or for your on-the-go days, or for your bff who's always jet-setting, I cannot recommend @ellume.life's Secret Serum enough!" Read more


Kyrsten, Student, New York City

"I really love how versatile the products are. I use the Serum on my face and in my hair and noticed immediate results. Over the past 3 months since I started using it, my skin has been a lot clearer and has a pretty glow to it."

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"[EJ] She is truly passionate about sustainable living and has really inspired me.  Her serum is absolutely amazing - an all-natural lotion option, rich in essential oils that feed your skin.  I loved it so much that I gifted them to all my friends and family last Christmas!  I've received nothing but great feedback from everyone...and have even received requests for more.  I look forward to using EJ's future products and continuing to follow and be inspired by how she lives her life."


Belinda, Early Childhood Educator, Newport Beach

"Ellume Naturals' Secret Serum is one of the best organic products I've ever used.  My face feels soft and supple after every use. The fragrance instantly puts me in a spa-like relaxing state of mind - best part of my daily morning and evening routine.  I use it as a moisturizer underneath my spf, a makeup remover, an everything lotion -  my best kept beauty secret.

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Ali, Graphic Designer/Entrepreneur, Park City, Ut

“Your serum is absolutely incredible. I’ve been using it every time I wash my face, and it has healed my skin. Normally I have a few breakouts here and there, with flakiness due to my dry climate. But the nourishment provided with Ellume’s Secret Serum has completely changed the texture and appearance of my skin to smooth and silky soft. Plus, how can anyone resist the organic, chemical-free ingredients that make this product a true gem?!”

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Brandon, Marketing Specialist, Silicon Valley

"I love The Serum - now down to only a couple of pumps... I use half a pump on my face for my dry-prone spots and use two pumps throughout my hair and it leaves both areas feeling fresh and moisturized throughout the day..."


Rosa, Owner/Full Circle Fitness, Orange County

"I aboslutely love Ellume Natural's Mist! It smells fabulous, refreshing, light and uplifting. I use it as an air freshener for our home and RV. I just learned that it's also a great deodorant and can't wait to try it as a deodorant now!"