Our Philosophy

There's a reason why we only offer 2 products. As a company with a strong commitment to Sustainability, we believe less is more. In fact, our Serum & Mist were intentionally designed to pack a powerful bouquet of many of Nature's most beneficially powerful nutrients for multiple purposes for your skin and hair.  It's not only better for the environment, it's better for busy and active people (like yourself!). Each of our products must meet our 3 cornerstones of intention:  

1) Quality: our pursuit of the highest quality natural and organic ingredients,

2) Purpose:  our need for a multi-purpose solution to our health and beauty personal care needs that would fit into our busy lifestyles; and

3) Sustainability: our indelible passion to preserve and protect the Earth as well as to develop our love and awareness of the beauty and gifts of Nature in our local and global communities. Learn more about our ideas behind consumerism and Sustainability, visit us at Ellume Life - our community for Natural Beauty and Sustainability.  


our Founder's Story

EJ Luu, Ed.M., Environmental Educator & Founder/Creator, Ellume Naturals.

EJ Luu, Ed.M., Environmental Educator & Founder/Creator, Ellume Naturals.

"Plants are nature's alchemists, expert at transforming water, soil and sunlight into an array of precious substances, many of them beyond the ability of human beings to conceive..." -M. Pollan

I first recognized this truth in my childhood in the organic gardens my aunt's family taught me to appreciate and cultivate.  Years later, my family and work commitments took me overseas to China, where I worked for Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots organization. As an environmental educator and a serial DIY-er, I grew tired of spending a small fortune on skincare and home care products that weren't completely natural nor safe for my family, home or our environment and having to travel back to the U.S. to load up my suitcase with my favorite natural & organic goods. 

Then, one day, I had an epiphany: I realized that I already possessed the skills and knowledge to make my own skin care products.  I had been raised in a family that was steeped in a culture of DIY traditions (we made everything from scratch and gave beautifully wrapped soaps and homemade goodies on holidays and special occasions), and, as an educator/social researcher and self-taught DIY-er, I had already spent years researching the best of Nature's remedies for skincare and various ailments.  I had already known for years what ingredients were good for my skin and what was bad for my skin.  

My DIY instincts kicked in, and I began researching and experimenting with a vast array of natural plant oils and extracts, and testing them with family & friends. A few years later, I came up with a formula that resulted in several life-changing discoveries that have been our guiding principles and will always be the foundation of Ellume Naturals.  With support & encouragement from family & friends, I put all that I had learned about Natural/Botanical ingredients formulation, and began venturing over to the realm of Natural Beauty while still teaching environmental education.

As a Naturalist & Environmentalist, it was my goal to create products that are: 100% natural, free of GMO's and gluten, ethically crafted in custom small batches, and most importantly, Sustainable.  After years of learning about the skincare business and eco-entrepreneur, I have put all of my knowledge, intuition, and intention as a Naturalist, along with all of the information I have learned from my family traditions into creating Ellume Naturals's Serum & Mist - a wonder duo of multi-active skin & hair formulations that are 100% natural, free of GMO's and gluten, honestly & ethically crafted in custom small batches which have been tested on myself, friends and family for more than 10 years to ensure safety and quality. 

In a sense, they are old family secrets that are now being passed on from my family to yours. I hope you'll discover the many benefits in each formula that my family & friends have enjoyed for years, and look forward to connecting with you.

In light,
-EJ Luu


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